The Starborn War

The Starborn War

Will the Starborn Races defeat the Ancients? All of Rome flees for their very lives as the massive Starborn horde advances at a magical pace.

The people appoint the renowned great legate and Arval Grand Master Maximillian Praedatorus Marsus to full Dictatorship in dealing with the threat, hoping he can avenge the ruthless murder of his wife Adventa and the kidnapping of his teenage son, Emperor Julian.

There seems to be no stopping the usurper Sultan Sargon, who as an evil Marune Minion holds powerful gifts, not the least of which is the Eye of Sydyll.

But there may be hope yet... A little girl adopted by the influential Julius family has a magical gift of her own that may, in the fog of war, prove to be Sargon’s downfall.

Meanwhile, the Tarquinius family nears their dreams of global dominance as they gather clues to the whereabouts of the dragons and a Wyrmkyn princess of destiny.

Get your copy today and immerse yourself in this epic magical adventure of alternate history!

271 pages. 6x9 inches. Paperback novel.

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