Mirror Motives

Mirror Motives

Everyone has a motive. But not everyone has a plan. The proud Roman Emperor Maximillian and his Empress Adventa abdicate in favor of their teenaged son who is believed to be the Avatar of Astor, a mighty Power.

The Starborn races see this as an opportune moment to rebel against the Ancients and throw off their yoke. Queen Furia Tarquinia, secretly leader of the Cloud Dancer assassins, schemes to regain the Etruscan throne, and she will use all of her charms and magic − not without a certain immoral dignity − to succeed.

Her red-haired lover and protégé, the Ammorian,Thascius Gildo, pursues a risky, vengeful plan and is ruthless enough to see it through. He will let no one, not even a beautiful, dangerous lover, stand in his way.

265 pages. 6x9 inches. Paperback novel.

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