Immortal Empires Dice Set

Immortal Empires Dice Set

Dice set includes 10x White, 3x Blue, 2x Gold Metal Primary (and Percentile), 1x Red 10-sided dice and one jumbo-sized d5 (CRIT Mulitiplier die).

The colors are customized for the Immortal Empires gaming system.

They come in a nice small black felt dice bag that has drawstrings which close the bag.

We know the price is high for this set. The difficulty is finding a percentile dice set of any color (let alone gold or yellow). The lowest priced set we could find is this gold metal percentile dice set that is a whopping 12.99 plus shipping from our supplier.

But at least you have the ease of us putting the whole set together for you with only the dice you need!

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