Dawn of the Seventh Age

Dawn of the Seventh Age

The Hunt is on!

All nations race against time to recover valuable Artifacts of Power that were scattered during the Remaking of the World. It's a deadly pursuit as the Hunters are finding out, especially when Cloud Dancer Assassins show up at the same Artifact!

The new highly magical world was not what the evil Marunes had planned...or was it? Is the world now dying as they wickedly and joyously claim? Or are the walking dead proof that all is already lost?

Will the Cloud Dragons end their civil war and unite against he Empires?

Rejoin your favorite personalities (Maximillian, Ophelia, Optimus, Aunt Julia, Thascius, Furia Tarquinia, Orpheus, Florian...and so many more!) in this dark continuation of the Immortal Empires Saga of a very magical Imperial Rome, depraved villains, and seriously flawed heroes.

(This is Book 4 in the Immortal Empires of the Seventh Age series, and is an Official Storyline Component of the Immortal Empires Role-Playing Game for Mature Players (also available on Amazon)).

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