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Games for Schemers, Dreamers & Sneaks

Subrosa.Games provides mobile, tabletop, and social RPG games for mature players who like to engage in subterfuge, adventure, and outright fun.

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Immortal Empires RPG

Do you have what it takes to become the next Emperor? Immortal Empires Role-Playing Game for Mature Players welcomes you to scheme and plot your way to the top!


Use your mobile device to hunt and mobile-device-assassinate the mobile devices of your friends. All manner of technological virtual weapons and defenses are at your disposal.

The Billionaire's Challenge

Challenge your friends and rivals with ever increasing real-world accomplishments. The ultimate one-upper mobile app that pits your uppity resources against your rivals.

Treasure Hunt Surprise

The ultimate in private discovery adventures! Organize a mobile-device treasure hunt in the real world for your special upcoming event (birthday, anniversary, etc.).

Motorcycle Road Challenge

Pair up in teams with your friends and compete against rival clubs/riders to win the objective.

Buried Treasure Huntshare

Use this app to document, catalogue, and display your uncovered treasures and exciting finds/places.

Immortal Empires RPG for Intelligent, Scheming, Mature Players

The Storyteller's Codex

Run a highly magical and epic story of the Five Ancient Races starting in the devious and backstabbing Imperial Roman Era of the amazing Immortal Empires parallel world.

Everything the Storyteller needs is here: the parallel world, cultures, philosophies, geography, powers, immortals and their power levels, Marunes, Bestiary of Personalities and Fey, five more nonplayer Magical Fighting Arts (including Cloud Dancers, Necromancers, Seven Point Mantis, Draconis Pilus, & Dream Carver), Villain & Fey generation, the Mass Combat System, Greater Magic, Elementals, Spirits, Dragons, Magical Poisons, Wild Magic, Original Magic, Artifacts and much more.

Also included is a more in-depth look at the Adventurer's Rulebook from a Storyteller perspective and 20-page appendix full of useful Storyteller resources, optional Overbearing Rules, and colorful maps that show continental changes that resulted from The Remaking.

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The Adventurer's Rulebook

A must-have for every Player, the Adventurer's Rulebook is a necessary companion to the Storyteller's Codex.

Everything the Players need to run a heroic (eventually immortal) character is in this book: Races, Callings, Vocations, Traits & Flaws, Skills, Talents, Weapons, the Open Magic System, Magical Fighting Arts (including Arkadian Animal Forms, Arvalis, Atlantean Sea Flows, Wu Shu Animal Forms, and Karnak's Silence), Combat System, Leveling Up, Character Glory, Immortal character prerequisites, Main and Derived Attributes, Overall Rank Bonuses, Common Abilities, Fortune Points, Bodyguard Shared Abilities, Presence Attacks, Power Bases, and more!

The Adventurer's Rulebook also has copyable color and black & white Character sheets, as well as myriad Hardcore Rules you can ask the Storyteller to institute to make your gaming experience second-to-none!

Both books are filled with awesome art by several artists, including more art from our awesome cover artist, Dusan Marcovic!

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